About Us

Pamoja Trust is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote access to land, shelter and basic services for the urban poor. It owes its origins to the need for institutional support for the anti-evictions movement that arose and grew in Kenya in late 1990s and early 2000. The Trust collaborates closely with Muungano wa Wanavijiji, a federation of over 30,000 households living in 400 informal settlements across the country, helping to form daily saving groups through which poor communities can access crucial resources.

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Our Vision

An equitable and democratic society where urban citizens have adequate space

Our Mission

Pamoja Trust exists to facilitate and advocate for processes and approaches aimed at strengthening people’s organization formations to ensure better livelihoods for the urban poor.

Our Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacity of Muungano groups to create and consolidate inclusive and democratic structures of governance;
  • Consolidate Pamoja Trust’s strategic partnerships to effectively and directly advocate for security of tenure and deliver adequate housing to its targeted areas;
  • Network with other actors in re-shaping the public discourse and influencing policy formulation and implementation on land, housing, basic services and livelihoods in favour of the urban poor;

What We Do

Pamoja Trust expansive focus recognizes the complex, multidimensional nature of poverty in today’s cities. With a vision of strengthening the voice and space for the urban poor, PTs core activities encompass the following areas:
  • Establishing and strengthening of savings and credit schemes;
  • The consolidation and political formation of Muungano wa wanavijiji and other people’s organization;
  • Precedent –setting urban planning, house modeling and community led construction;
  • Peer exchange with other federation and NGOs throughout Africa and beyond;
  • Participatory research, advocacy and lobbying;
  • Development of an Urban Poor Fund;

Our Approach

Pamoja Trust uses several approaches to achieve its strategic objectives:
  • Together with Muungano, Mwamko wa Vijana and other like – minded civil society organizations, the Trust seeks to influence the development and implementation of national policies by creating replicable, pro-poor models and advocating for the participation of the urban poor.
  • The Trust seeks to strengthen urban poor federations and their capacity to participate in decision - making and influence politics in order to realize a more equitable urban society with a responsive leadership.
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