Program Areas


What We Do

  • Establishing and strengthening of savings and credit schemes; o The consolidation and political formation of Muungano wa wanavijiji and other people’s organization;
  • Precedent –setting urban planning, house modeling and community led construction;
  • Peer exchange with other federation and NGOs throughout Africa and beyond;

Our Approach

Together with Muungano, Mwamko wa Vijana and other like – minded civil society organizations, the Trust seeks to influence the development and implementation of national policies by creating replicable, pro-poor models and advocating for the participation of the urban poor.

The Trust seeks to strengthen urban poor federations and their capacity to participate in decision - making and influence politics in order to realize a more equitable urban society with a responsive leadership.

Access to Water in Informal Settlements

In asserting themselves as legitimate urban residents, it is paramount for the urban poor to lobby for provision of services and amenities enjoyed by other residents. These services include convenient access to safe water and sanitation options.

To attain this, communities are mobilized subsequently they organize themselves to facilitate the laying of legal infrastructure and the connection of water to individual structures and in water kiosks. Partnerships with utility companies such as The Nairobi Water & Sewerage Company and Kisumu Water & Sewerage Company are developed to facilitate provision of these services. In Kosovo-Mathare, this approach has resulted in a participatory planning mechanism for provision of water services while in Nyalenda-Kisumu, the community was mobilized to implement a delegated water management model in partnership with KIWASCO.
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