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Asset Building and Models for Rights

Advocacy in this area shall be done to promote interventions through which the poor can create a right to speak and working solidarity. Through developing innovative financial products and services, the vision works towards improving access for low-income families to responsible financing products as well as assist in building the asset base of the Urban Poor. This initiative of asset building relies on scaling the innovation by the Urban Poor to levels where they can be considered as mechanism of livelihoods rather than mere survival responses.

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The idea of developing models for realizing rights is often inspired by the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. In his most recent book ,The Idea of Justice, Sen argues that ‘What moves us, is not the realization that the world falls short of being completely just- which few of us expect- but that there are clearly remediable injustice around us which we want to eliminate’. Under this ar, PT endeavors to create models that can be used in delivery of right to housing, access to water, right to food as well as security of land tenure. It is a method of principled pragmatism which also aids at narrowing the gap between delivery ‘development model’ and ‘Human Rights model’.
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