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PT Strategic Plan 2012-2016

For more than thirteen years PT has been working with partners, people’s movements and like minded organizations in Kenya’s urban areas. PT’s programming and activities are led by the struggles by the Urban Poor in improving their dignity and securing urban citizenship. Under its current rubric of Vision 2020, PT’s work is implemented under five pillars: Market and State Justice, Ecological Justice, People’s movement, Asset Building and Models for Realizing Rights and Institutional Sustainability.

Our major focus under the Strategic Plan 2012-2016 is to root community participations and developing models of realizing rights. This is done by engaging the models of rights developed, by the national and importantly large, people’s organizations. PT has longstanding commitment to organizing and working with the Urban Poor to ensure accountable and inclusive management of urban areas. We believe that true sustainability of urban areas is realizable through effective participation in governance by all urban dwellers, security of land tenure, provision of housing and all basic services. In undertaking this work, PT has a long standing expertise on HIV and AIDS mainstreaming as well as programming design that is conscientious to how gender relations and power is generated.

The support of an effective and democratic people’s movement and engagement with duty bearers has provided to be a useful mechanism in the quest for creating space and voice for the Urban Poor. In so doing PT works towards enabling and building capability of the Urban Poor who are most affected by undemocratic urbanization to themselves challenge the marginalization, social injustice, denials and abuse of rights.

Institutionally, PT has developed over the years to transform its governance, management and internal democracy as well as positioning itself as an influential actor in community organizing and advocacy for social justice. PT has re- clarified its theory of change to embrace building on both symbolic and material interest of the Urban Poor. With this identity, the organization is able to undertake multiple initiatives that converge on change in condition and position of the Urban Poor. Download this File

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