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Settlement Profiles

Mnazi Moja
Mnazi Mmoja is a young informal settlement in Nyali ward in Mombasa district in Mombasa County.  The settlement is densely populated and covers approximately 10.2 acres. It lies on land that is owned by the government.  The residents have experienced several threats of eviction from private developers.

During colonial era, the settlement was part of a huge sisal farm owned by a settler called Green Wood-Nyali. After he left the country, the land reverted to the government but remained undeveloped. As from the 1970s people started settling there. Especially an eviction from the current Harambee Estate area made many people move there. Later the settlement got today’s name meaning “lone coconut tree” in Swahili. Though residents are divided over how the settlement got this name, most residents agree that the name is related to a huge coconut tree which once decorated the area. It is said that an old man lived near this tree and those going to visit him would say they are going kwa mnazi.

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