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Settlement Profiles

Nyalenda is one of the largest informal settlements in Kisumu. As a residential area it dates back to the 1880s. Initially it had been a sparsely populated rural area next to the city. But with arrival of the Kenya Uganda Railway line to Kisumu and since the British were evicting local population from the city boundaries, more and more people moved into Nyalenda.

As offering affordable housing, the settlement has become a popular destination for low-income residents of Kisumu. Nyalenda runs parallel to Ring road, southeast of the Central Business District. The Nairobi road borders Nyalenda to the north and a marshland forms the border in the southwest. The settlement is further divided into Nyalenda A and Nyalenda B. Nyalenda B includes the clusters Western B, Kilo, Dunga, Got Owak, Nanga.The settlement does not have any formal planning as result of the freehold tenure system. The majority of houses are of semi permanent nature.

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