The Social Rights and Enterprise department responds to the attributes in article 43 of the Kenyan constitution on realization of adequate housing, reasonable standards of sanitation, access to clean and safe water in adequate quantities and access to social security. The idea behind the department is to de-commoditize housing and rather promote it as a social right alongside the access to other basic social services. To do this, the department;

  1. Promotes housing cooperatives, which is anchored on the pillars of mutual assistance, communal ownership and self –management where housing rights can be accessed by majority of the urban poor.

Kambimoto incremental housing project in Mathare where a total of 70 houses were constructed using the self help principle where both men and women took part in the construction process to reduce the labor cost. This technique was employed in other villages in Mathare ward; Gitathuru,Redeemed,Mahira and a total of 400 houses have been developed to date.

  1. Promotes access to water and sanitation, by encouraging utility companies to adopt water and sanitation models i.e. Delegated Management Model that improves access to clean water to water kiosks and individual connection systems to individual’s homes this significantly lowers water cost rates as compare to the previously paid rates.


Water kiosk in Nyalenda Kisumu ,where community implemented the DMM model in partnership KIWASCO to facilitate provision of water at low costs. initiative has been implemented in Nyalenda,Mabatini,Mashimoni ,Kosovo. About 30,000 persons are benefiting from these initiatives.

  1. Engages in networking and collaborations with multi stakeholders at the micro, macro and meso level of the society to promote public discourses that enhance the realization of security of tenure for the urban citizens.

  2. Supports the establishment and strengthens community savings and credit schemes, which enhances individual’s access to social security products such as NHIF and further forms financial base for community to leverage on other available resources towards socio-economic development. Future of savings is through institutionalization of cooperatives.

Members of Muungano Wa Wanavijiji in Nairobi putting together their savings. This initiative has seen some groups save up to 1.2 million shillings.