The Social rights and enterprise department focuses on promoting the right to adequate housing for the communities Pamoja Trust works with as envisioned in Article 43 of Kenya (2010) constitution.

Right to adequate housing entails access to:

  • Secure tenure

  • Basic social services i.e. water and sanitation.

  • Standard housing.

The department informs the realization of the above attributes and supports other departmental works through promoting the adoption of participatory models of implementation. These approaches are meant to respond to catalysts of social injustice that include: failed policies, bad governanceinappropriate legal and regulatory frameworksdysfunctional markets, unresponsive financial systems, the lack of political will, and the absence of effective public or private housing delivery organizations.

The approaches include;

  1. Networking and collaborations with multi stakeholders at the micro, macro and meso level of the society to promote public discourses that enhance the realization of security of tenure for the urban citizens.

  2. Establishing and strengthening savings and credit schemes. PT as an entry point organises the community by use of savings as a tool since savings form a good forum for community members to meet and discuss issues affecting them. This also serves as a unit for passing information. And further forms a financial base for community to leverage other resources.

  3. Promotion of models that enhance the realization of socio-economic rights including:

  1. Primary housing cooperative model which deviates from the conventional practices that consider housing as a commercial good rather than a social right. The model is anchored on 3 pillars; mutual assistance, communal ownership and self -management.

  2. Promotion of the Delegated Management Model(DMM) to improve access to clean water through individual connections or water kiosks at significantly lower rates than previously paid rates.