Utafiti Sera

Our Engagements on Infrastructure Development

Pamoja Trust facilitated engagements on “Utafiti Sera on Urban Governance and City Transformation with support from the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR). Utafiti Sera a swahili word for “research based evidence” was the idea on which Pamoja Trust hosted a house of stakeholder on Infrastructure development geared towards building, facilitating, enhancing and sustaining a vibrant research-policy community on urban Governance and Turning African Cities Around in Nairobi. PT through its expertise of action based research synthesized new and existing relevant research evidence on social dimensions of infrastructure development and their impact on the urban communities.

It was this platform that PT engaged with key policy makers and practitioners through direct contact, policy advocacy and use of productive Urban Governance and turning African Cities Around champions to address the issues that arise i.e. unlawful evictions that come with infrastructure development ending up to various actions.

The actions included, the setting of relevant agendas, that generated public debates by the different stakeholders engaged in the house including KURA, KeNHA, Council of Governors, CSUDP, Muungano wa Wana vijiji and many more. Some of the house processes saw contributions/ inputs in the National Slum Upgrading and Prevention draft Bill, by bringing in the aspect of relocation into the bill. Some of the outcomes involved an intentional stretching of the boundaries of policy engagement through sustained actions and efforts by a community of actors who work to own both process and structure, some of the project implementers like KeNHA came up with stakeholder engagement Plan for the Mariakani Road project which was a step into the right direction.