Welcome to Pamoja Trust

Pamoja Trust is in the forefront of agitating and organizing towards secure land tenure, housing and dignified livelihoods for the urban poor in Kenya.

Building a better future

Creating Voice and Space with the Urban Poor

Pamoja Trust is a Kenyan organization that has been working for nearly 20 years with the urban poor to create the space and amplify their voice to ensure effective urban citizenship and dignity. The Trust facilitates and advocates for processes and approaches aimed at strengthening people’s formations to ensure human dignity for the urban poor. The Trust has been part of the national progressive civil society and people’s movement that have helped to expose government abuses secure a moratorium against evictions, strengthen civil liberties, and mobilize and animate the urban poor to strengthen their quest to secure and safeguard their dignity.

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Our Areas of Intervention

Social Movements and Federation Building

This is an introductory program that enables initial interactions between PT and prospective allies

The Action Research Team (ART)

The Action Research Team (ART) implements the research strategy of the organization.

Social Rights and Enterprise

The Social Rights and Enterprise  department responds to the attributes in article 43 of the Kenyan constitution.

Civic Engagement

PT works at the local level to consolidate social movements; a people’s movement.

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Latest News

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Latest Event

‘Enhancing capacities of Housing Cooperatives on leadership and governance’
Primary Housing Cooperatives encompasses community led approaches in pooling of financial, human and technical resources towards; acquisition of land for housing, planning of the space for housing , house dreaming, construction and management of the houses. It is anchored on three key pillars that include: self-management, mutual assistance and collective property.
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