The Partnerships and Sustainability programme facilitates the establishment of sectorial partnerships for the organization locally, nationally and internationally.  The programme seeks to ensure PT’s long-term future by protecting communities the organization works with and by creating linkages with the relevant donors. As a way to enhance the organization’s sustainability, it manages the organization’s visibility, implements the organization’s resource mobilization strategy including grant management, guides on  PT’s risk management efforts and establishes and implements the monitoring and evaluation system and tools in partnership with all the other programmes.

Partnerships and Sustainability Tools

1. Monitoring and Evaluation

The programme relies on KOBO Collect customized platform to support different projects monitoring and evaluation processes.

2. Visibility

The programme coordinates the use of the website, linked in, face book and you tube to disseminate PT’s interventions.

3. Resource mobilization strategy

The programme relies on PT’s resource mobilization strategy to identify opportunities for partnerships and consequent funding.