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Pamoja Trust is a non-profit organization founded in 1999. PT is dedicated to promoting access to land, shelter and basic services for the vulnerable. The organization takes principled and pragmatic approaches to protection and promotion of the right to the city through advocacy and precedence dotting models for problem solving. PT provides social, technical and legal expertise at local community, national and international levels to ensure that urban growth and urbanism adhere to social justice principles and that national and international human rights standards are implemented in favor of the most vulnerable citizens. Currently we are running the following programs.

  • Social Enterprise

  • Action Research

  • Federation and Movement Building

  • Civic Engagement and Advocacy

  • Partnerships & Sustainability

What are our objectives?

Our Objectives

Pamoja Trust's ultimate goal is to contribute to security of tenure and dignified citizenship for the Urban Poor

Our Opportunities

Objective 1

Strengthen the capacity of Social Movements to create and consolidate inclusive and democratic structures of governance;

Objective 2

Consolidate Pamoja Trust’s strategic partnerships to effectively and directly advocate for security of tenure and deliver adequate housing to its targeted areas;

Objective 3

Network with other actors in re-shaping the public discourse and influencing policy formulation and implementation on land, housing, basic services, and livelihoods in favor of the urban poor;

Objective 4

Enhance the right institutional capacity of Pamoja Trust to ensure effective and efficient management and governance.

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We are dedicated to promoting access to land, shelter and basic services for the vulnerable

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Sam Olando

Executive Director

Gerald Wafula

Program Manager

Cecilia Joy

HR/ Admin Officer

Serah Mutuku

Finance Manager

Veronica Cheptum

Senior Program Officer

Sally Miruri

Program Officer

Irene Kinoti

Program Officer

Evans Abondo

Program Officer

James Mutinda

Assistant Program Officer

Briter Akinyi

Admin Assistant

James Nyaga