Pamoja Trusts’ theory of change is based on organizing and engagement. The organizing is based on both political power and material power i.e., (Social Capital) of the community as most effective contributors to the efforts towards strengthening people’s organization. The Civic Engagement Department works around building working alliances between duty-bearers and community groups as right-holders to ensure reversal of the current asymmetrical power relationships in our society. This is a mechanism of ensuring that the vulnerable people take their place to ensure human dignity and better livelihood and that the peoples innovations influence policymaking.

At the local level, PT works to consolidate social movement formations that forms the backbone for Social Transformation in Urban Areas.

Core areas of Civic Engagement Work

  • Strengthening Social Movements, HRDs, CBOs and CSOs on the rule of law and advocacy
  • Policy Analysis and Development; Organizing policy debates to create opportunities for influencing policy
  • Engagement with Duty Bearers i.e. The National Land Commission County Governments etc.; Building relationships with key strategic institutions, stakeholders and building alliances relevant to different policy areas
  • Budget Making Process; Advocating or active public participation towards budget making process and social accountability
  • Access to Justice; Implementation of the Alternative Justice Systems