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State and Market Justice

Pamoja Trust believes that the exclusion of the Urban Poor, inadequate housing and slums are a consequence of the combined effects of failed policies, bad governance, inappropriate legal and regulatory frameworks, dysfunctional markets, unresponsive financial systems, the lack of political will, and the absence of effective public or private housing delivery organizations. This Strategic Plan has therefore revamped PT’s advocacy function at International, National and Community levels. 

At the National and International level, PT has positioned itself and proven to have strong strategic capabilities and is able to influence policy and practice pertaining to shelter, settlement and basic services provision. In the context of Kenyan’s Human Rights centered constitution and modernist ideas like vision 2030 and Nairobi metropolitan strategy, PT work aims at ensuring that polices developed thereof are in consonance with the values, principles and vision enshrined in the constitution. This intervention goes hand in hand with ensuring that as a member of international community, Kenya adheres to all other international Human Rights obligations and recommendations. This intervention also contributes to formation of an informed citizenry as well as Civil Society networks and coalitions that are able to engage with national government and international actors.

Significant part of PT’s work remains at the local levels where it facilities the organizing of a movement of the Urban Poor. PT facilitates these groups in participating in advocating for security of land tenure, housing and overarching issues of Human Rights and social justice. It is the belief of PT that effective advocacy is possible where the community groups engaged as informed champions of the course. As its core approach PT holds that effective advocacy should rely on practices that have worked for the Urban Poor as well as principles laws such as constitution and international Human Rights instruments and standards.

For the period 2012-2016 the priority under this pillar is to put Kenya on a path of incremental reforms towards developmental state and safeguard against possible plough back in urban reforms.

  1. Develop models that that address constraints and barriers that the youth face as they endeavour toaccess economic opportunities;
  2. Build SACCOs and saving groups as livelihood support institutions
  3. Developing policy recommendations and supporting implementation of housing, land reforms and service delivery that address the Urban Poor and
  4. Creation of an informed citizenry and civil society networks for National, Regional and Global networking and advocacy.
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