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People’s Movement

Since its inception, PT has invested time and focus on strengthening social movements for security of land tenure and effective urban citizenship. Together with the federation of the Urban Poor, PT has emphasized on security of land tenure, housing and provision of basic services. This has been done particularly around comprehensive urban development programme and interrelated land reforms. Under this pillar, we shall continue supporting the Urban Poor movement to build their technical knowledge in urban planning and legal advocacy; develop alternative livelihood options; increased access to land, housing and basic services for the Urban Poor.

PT intends to facilitate a paradigm shift in enabling community groups to participate as effective citizens of urban areas and leverage resources. This emphasis is aimed at challenging the current asymmetrical power relations in the urban areas that is visible in the divides between the land owners and the landless; men and women; structure owners and tenants and the those in salaried employment and those in self employment. It is our aim that the enhanced participation of the Urban Poor in decisions making process, political scene, governance and urban modernity initiatives, shall result to improvement of their conditions and position as well as bringing an end to the violation of their rights. Ultimately, the Urban Poor should have more access and control over their means of citizenship.

Another emphasis of this pillar within the current Strategic Plan is the central place of knowledge production and sharing in movement building. Rather than base its knowledge dissemination on episodic interventions, PT shall develop a systematic model of learning for the federation of the Urban Poor. In partnership with likeminded academic institutions, PT shall organize “a University in the Slums”. This Virtual University shall offer systematic intervention in knowledge production, management, memory and dissemination. Opening its door in August 2012, the university in the slums shall offer ongoing training in civic and development studies. It shall also guide in the process of developing awareness materials for use by the federation of the Urban Poor in Kenya.

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